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Little Rockers curl their way into Winter fun in Blind River

Kids between the ages of 5-12 enjoy learning to curl

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As winter descends upon the snowy town of Blind River, parents and children alike can embrace the chilly season through the sport of curling. In addition to its adult members, The Blind River Curling Club has 27 Little Rockers between the ages of 5 and 12.

"The Little Rocker program provides curling with a stronger base at the entry level by getting them committed to the sport at an earlier age and also introduces parents to the sport," explains Cathy Jensen, the club secretary. "Many Canadian and World Junior Curling Champions began their curling careers as Little Rockers.

What sets the Little Rockers program apart is its focus on making the sport accessible and enjoyable for the youngest members of the community. Children in this age group often have shorter attention spans, so the lessons are thoughtfully designed to be brief and not overly technical. The emphasis is on teaching them how to control a throw by putting a turn on the rock.

"The emphasis is placed on fun, taking part, making new friends and being part of a group and learning how to curl," Jensen says.

Little Rockers is non-competitive and doesn't focus on winning or losing but enjoying the games. Comments made by the instructors are positive and based on the children's successes and skill improvement, and Jensen ensures the kids will not be bored.

"Lots of equal prizes and lots of fun give the kids a sense of accomplishment. You will make friends, play as a team, learn to play a curling game and have fun."

To learn more about The Blind River Curling Club and what they offer, visit their website.