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If you're unsure of who to contact, use the "main contacts" listed below and we'll see that your email/call gets to the right person.

Main Contacts

Client Services (classifieds, accounts, comments, obits) 705-847-2207 ext. 1
Regional News Desk   705-847-2207 ext. 2
Advertising (NOT classifieds)   705-847-2207 ext. 8


Advertising Sales

Account Executive Rob Speers 705-847-2207 ext. 1131
Account Executive Stan Trecroce 705-847-2207 ext. 1130
Advertising Account Strategist Tracy Stoneman 705-847-2207 ext. 1132
Advertising Account Strategist Nelda Rimmer 705-847-2207 ext. 1148


Village Media Headquarters
298 Queen St. E.,
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario P6A 1Y7
Phone: 705-759-3266
Fax: 705-251-3592

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