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VIDEO: Friendly moose crashes Sudbury garage party

Sudbury resident Jacob Rintala and ‘the boys’ were doing what Northerners do (partying in the garage) when they made a large, new friend 

Sometimes, you just got to show up uninvited to make new friends. This moose did exactly that.

Sudbury resident Jacob Rintala was hanging out with his friends in the garage when a friendly moose came to visit him — and by visit, we mean the moose walked into the garage like he was invited.

Rintala whipped out his phone and started filming the wild encounter — and his funny conversation with the large ungulate — and posted it to Facebook a few weeks ago. 

“Hey, bud,” Rintala said in the video before giving the guy a few pets on the nose.

It seems the moose felt comfortable enough to step into the garage after that interaction.

“Just chilling with the boys,” one of the people said in the video.

The Greater Sudbury region is home to many trails and lakes, but with these wild areas comes the potential for encounters with wildlife. The Ontario Government set out a few guidelines to reduce and manage conflicts with deer, elk and moose. You can check them out here.


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