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Ontario Liberal Leader virtually visits Elliot Lake

Touts childcare program in virtual appearance with Algoma-Manitoulin candidate Tim Vine
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Steven Del Duca, Ontario Liberal Party leader

In an online announcement with Algoma-Manitoulin Liberal candidate Tim Vine, of Manitoulin Island, Ontario Liberal Party leader Steven Del Duca explained the party's childcare platform as they head into next year's provincial election campaign. 

There are a little more than 13 months till election day, June 2, 2022. The party revealed their child care platform earlier this month on May 12.

During the virtual news conference explaining "Care for Every Child" Tuesday morning, Del Duca promised that within 100 days of getting elected as the next Ontario Premier, he would lower the price of daycare to $10 per day per child, half the current stipend, by September 2022.

The Liberal leader said that would save the average Ontario family with school-age children between $20,000 and $30,000 per year.

He said he would work with Ottawa to extend the EI benefits for families taking parental leave from 12 to 18 months with full EI.

Del Duca also promised to boost the Ontario Child Tax Credit to 20 per cent.

He wants to boost the pay for an ECE student from $23 to $40 per hour. The Liberals also say they will make the tuition for new early childhood educators free.

The Liberal leader continued, "The best way to build lasting prosperity is to help parents stay in or reenter the workforce and give children their best start in life.

"Every family in Ontario, regardless of the kind of care they choose for their child, will be better off because of our plan.

He said it means that Ontario families would save 80 per cent of their childcare costs and there would be 8,800 new childcare spaces for families in northern Ontario.

"As a result of the pandemic, women have been forced out of their jobs in record numbers," Del Duca added. 

"Our Ontario plan will help create an economic recovery that's led by women, and especially mothers, to address the 'she-cession'," concluded Del Duca.

For his part, Vine explained why he's running for the Liberals in next year's provincial election.

"Put simply I'm running here because this is where I live. This is where I've made my life for the last few years," he said. "I'm running because it's a continuation of my career of public service. Steven mentioned my background in public health care. Before that, I was a municipal treasurer. (Elliot Lake)

"I've been really involved in the community. I sit on about six boards up here. And I really want to give back. I want to be a voice for northern Ontario at Queen's Park. 

"And I want to ensure that children are represented at a decision-making table rather than just an opposition forum."

Incumbent NDP MPP Mike Mantha is seeking another term in office in the next provincial election.


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