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Ken Young shoots for a seat on Elliot Lake City Council

His campaign slogan - 'Common sense thinking'
Ken Young, a retired entrepreneur and Shriner, seeks election to Elliot Lake City Council in October.

Ken Young wants to give back to the community he's called home for many years.

He's one of several retired Elliot Lakers who have stepped forward in 2022 hoping to serve the city as a councillor for the next four years. 

There's a field of 17 people seeking election or re-election to one of six councillors' seats in the municipal vote on Oct. 24.

Following half a century in the workforce, these days Young focuses on other interests in the City of Elliot Lake which he calls "paradise."

Young is determined to see both the Arts Centre and a new arena built here after he's elected. 

ElliotLakeToday questioned Young about his hopes and dreams for the future of the city, based on his thoughts, from which he derived his campaign slogan, "Common sense thinking."

ElliotLakeToday: What are your qualifications?

Young: I previously sat on the Planning & Bylaw Committee for the City of Elliot Lake; on an Advisory Committee at Queen’s Park.

I hold Automotive Service Technician and Truck & Coach Technician licences. I also hold numerous TSSA licences. I have run several corporations throughout my 50-year career, 'Common sense thinking.'

ElliotLakeToday: Why are you running?

Young: I am running for council because we need to try to keep our taxes affordable and manage our tax monies wisely.

I want to make a difference in the lives of Elliot Lakers. As a long-time resident of Elliot Lake, I am blessed with a loving wife, family and (am) Pappa to five grandchildren, and I have a few close friends. 

I want to keep this city open and vibrant – a great place to live and raise your families. I have experience in the community as a volunteer at the Elliot Lake Food Drives/Emergency Food Bank and the Hope Cafe.

As a Shriner, I have spent over 40 years helping children with health issues in various communities.

It is very important to me that we have a vibrant arts community, along with a strong presence of outdoor activities both winter and summer – Mt. Dufour Ski Hill, Stoneridge Golf Course,  the ATV club, plus our Junior "A" hockey team (Elliot Lake Red Wings), just to mention a few.

We need to rejuvenate our tennis courts and baseball fields and convert the unused tennis court at Nordic Park to pickleball courts for family use.

I am a firm believer that the public should have a voice in the community.  

ElliotLakeToday: What are the greatest strengths of the City of Elliot Lake?

Young: I can describe Elliot Lake in one word 'paradise' – citizens, businesses, volunteerism, our strength and our bond with our Indigenous neighbours. 

ElliotLakeToday: What would you like to see changed?

Young: Better accountability of our dollars being spent ensuring infrastructure projects are being done in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Bringing some affordable housing; working with our partners Elliot Lake Retirement Living (ELRL) to move their project on Spine Rd. forward.  

ElliotLakeToday: Councillors are not highly paid. Should there be a wage review before the municipal election on October 24?

Young: No! 

ElliotLakeToday: Do you agree with the decision not to build a Recreation Hub?

Young: This decision should be left to the citizens of Elliot Lake. Citizens must be heard.   

ElliotLakeToday: What is your best hope for Elliot Lake for the next four-year council?

Young: I would like to see construction begin on a new Arts Centre and arena during this council term. No more band-aid solutions on buildings.

Our doctors, nurses and staff at the hospital are overworked and understaffed. I would like council to work with them to help advance their recruitment program for our future care.

We need to get city infrastructure studies that have been paid for moving forward in a timely manner. No more delays.

In closing my contact info: [email protected]


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