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Incumbent Marchisella officially starts 2022 mayoral campaign

Current campaign focus is to highlight the successes of the mayor and council during the last eight years
Mayor Dan Marchisella seeks third term in Elliot Lake municipal election.

Incumbent Dan Marchisella has officially started his 2022 campaign for Mayor of Elliot Lake. 

The current campaign focus is to highlight the successes of the Mayor and Council during the last eight years. A reminder to the community that we have continued to see positive growth in Elliot Lake. 

  • We have successfully changed how we market our community. Statistics show that our population has actually increased by nearly 7%! This is a first since the uranium mine closures. 
  • We have also successfully attracted new investors to our community. For the first time in over three decades, the city will be seeing new apartment complexes being built rather than torn down. Development is planned and will be done over the next two years for the Dieppe Avenue and All Nations Terrace properties. There is also planning underway to see a Spine Road subdivision begin. We are also currently working with community stakeholders towards affordable housing initiatives along with another developer for higher end housing. The goal is to see a complete diversification of housing in Elliot Lake over the next two years.
  • When first elected, our council was saddled with two vacant mall sites. Our city now has a small mall with a new library that meets the needs of our community.  This important build encouraged new commercial growth and opportunities that have now filled our 108 commercial corridor.
  • Our Economic Development department has already begun and continues to market our community outdoor assets for all-season tourism initiatives.  We are already seeing an increase in our ecotourism draw to the region. Our trail systems have continued to see many upgrades. We are also actively working towards making our outdoor spaces fully accessible for everyone to enjoy. Our new boat launch and pier is a popular location for both locals and tourists and is very well utilized. 
  • Our landfill re-organization is underway! We have received environmental approvals for this project and we should be seeing a monumental change in operations in the up-coming year. This new initiative will serve our community better and will help alleviate the amount of waste going into our landfill site. 
  • Our Physician Recruitment plan has continued to bring an average of one new doctor a year to our city. Although, with the retirement of many medical professionals in the area, these new physicians have been instrumental in ensuring continued care for the patients of the retiring doctors. We are hopeful that we will see two new physicians start this fall/winter in Elliot Lake which would definitely help alleviate the need for medical professionals in our community. 
  • We are committed to continue to work with Serpent River First Nation.  Reconciliation is the stepping stone to building positive relations that can see years of progress and growth together.

After the nomination deadline of Aug. 19, 2022, Mayor Dan Marchisella will be actively reaching out to eligible voters for support in securing a third term in office. 

Mayor Dan Marchisella can be reached by phone at  (705)461-9826 or by email at [email protected] to answer any campaign questions. 

More detailed information on this current campaign can be found here