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Here's the poop on what's going down at the dog park (5 photos)

One resident is not impressed with what's not being picked up

One Elliot Lake resident is reminding people to pick up after their dogs at the local dog park.

Joanne McClean, who goes to the park with her three-year-old yellow lab Maci, is starting to get fed up with the way other people in town don't respect other animals with not picking up after their animals at the local dog park.

"It's disgusting to have to see this al the time," she said. "I come to the dog park with Maci and see the droppings of ungrateful dog owners. This place is supposed to be a place where dogs can play and run around. Lately, more and more droppings are left behind."

Under the "poop and scoop" by-law, anyone caught not cleaning up can face a fine up to $5,000.

"I have contacted by-law officials to come see the mess," she said. "I haven't seen anyone come by. It's always the same people here doing this. When will this stop?"

According to Elliot Lake city by-law 01-60, dog waste needs to be picked up in the following areas:

  • on a highway
  • in a public park
  • in any recreational area
  • on any private property other than the property of the owner or the person having care, custody or control of the animal

While speaking with McClean, ElliotLakeToday witnessed two dog owners not removing their dog's waste and when approached by McClean, the owners exclaimed it's "the city's responsibility since this is city property." has reached out to by-law officers for comment on whether or not the park will be monitored.

"It's like picking up after your children," said McClean. "You clean up after your kids. You don't leave them in dirty diapers. You pick up after them and clean them."

"Just please pick up after your dog."