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Here are the areas where travel is restricted due to forest fires

Restrictions aim to protect public safety and prevent the public from impeding firefighting efforts

Travel is restricted in parts of the Sudbury, North Bay and Kirkland Lake districts due to the dozens of forest fires burning across the region.

Under an Emergency Area Order signed July 21, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is prohibiting access and travel in parts of the three districts. The order restricts travel, access and use both to protect members of the public and to ensure fire suppression efforts aren’t impeded. 

All travel and use of the following roads are prohibited:

  • McLaren’s Road
  • Gibbons Road
  • Baie-Jeanne Road
  • South Pardo Road
  • Beauty Lake Road
  • St. Joseph’s Road
  • George Gordon and Iron Lake Road
  • Cooke Lake Road
  • Liskeard Lumber Road
  • Klock Lake Road
  • Crane Lake Road
  • Roadhouse Tower Road
  • Indian Bay Road
  • Mountain Lake Road
  • Goulard Road starting at Lower Goose Falls

As well, all modes of access into the following provincial parks is prohibited at this time: Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater, Obabika River, Makobe-Grays River, Solace and Sturgeon River Provincial Parks. Further, access to all Crown lands is prohibited.

Use of the Red Squirrel Lake Road beyond the Barmac Gate is prohibited.

All use and occupation of Crown land on or within 500 metres of all described closed roads is prohibited.

If a member of the public believes that access within the restricted travel area is necessary for non-recreational purposes, please call North Bay District at 705-475-5546 (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) or Kirkland Lake District at 705-568-3240 (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) to request a travel authorization permit.  For requesting access to Red Squirrel Lake Road, please call North Bay District. MNRF will review the request for access based on the rationale provided, local fire activity, and the potential fire risk.

See the restricted travel and access areas on this PDF map (Note: this map gets updated regularly).