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Fatima students take a stand for vulnerable women and children

Students in Grades 3 through 8 participated in Moose Hide Campaign Day

The following information and accompanying photos were submitted to ElliotLakeToday by the Huron Superior Catholic District School Board.

On Thursday, May 12, Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School participated in the Moose Hide Campaign.

Our Lady of Fatima celebrated this day by having our students in Grades 3-8 fast all morning and we went on a special awareness walk through the streets of Elliot Lake.

We were blessed to have the support of Katrina Owl, Alyssa Traves, Bud Jacobs, Genevieve Ruggles, Lee Simpson, Rob Essex, Justin Urquhart, Jeff Jacobs and parents who helped us run this special event.

We had our drumming group perform some songs, we danced, we broke our fast in the afternoon and enjoyed cedar tea, berries, moose stew and bannock.

Students made signs and took the pledge to take a stand against violence towards women and children. Students wore their moose hide pins proudly and raised awareness about the need to end violence.

This entire day was made possible by our incredible NSL teacher Chylene Day who organized the entire event. We are so proud of all of our students who demonstrated the importance of this cause and had lots of fun in the process.

Moose Hide Campaign Day is a day of ceremony. It’s a day where all Canadians are called to join together to take a stand against violence towards women and children and to take practical steps for our collective journey of reconciliation.

What started 11 years ago with a small gathering of men and boys intent on raising awareness of the crisis of violence against Indigenous woman and children, has now become a national ceremony inviting all Canadians to join together to end violence against all women and children. On Moose Hide Campaign Day we challenge people to fast together from sunrise to sunset to deepen our experience and resolve to create safe families, communities and a safe country for all women and children.