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Elliot Lake native to discuss her latest sculpture at City Council

New sculpture will be integrated into the unused space on the south side of the Mining Monument Park
2018-06-25 Elliot Lake City Hall BS
File photo shows Elliot Lake City Hall Brent Sleightholm for ElliotLakeToday

Canadian artist and sculptor Laura Brown Breetvelt is expected at the Monday meeting of Elliot Lake city council to discuss her latest contribution to the bronze miner sculptor series now in place at the Miner's Memorial on the shore of Horne Lake off Highway 108 at Hillside Drive North. 

Breetvelt's latest creation, life-sized and similar to the first two which depict Elliot Lake uranium miners, is the Elliot Lake Prospector's Monument. 

Laura Brown Breetvelt, an Elliot Lake native, crafted a life-size bronze sculpture of a prospector staking his claim, providing a photo-op for visitors to stand alongside. Another element of the design is an eight-foot granite column of similar design to the two existing monuments at the Miner's Memorial. 

The placement of the sculpture is such that the prospector is standing in a forest background motif etched onto the entire eight-foot black granite backdrop.  Breetvelt says her latest work is being integrated into the unused space on the south side of the Mining Monument Park for aesthetic symmetry. 

The sculptor is expected to tell Elliot Lake council members how her most recent sculpture tells the story of the prospector and recognizes his role in the development of the Elliot Lake mining community. She says the sculpture will signify the historical uniqueness of Elliot Lake in uranium prospecting and mining.

Laura Brown Breetvelt grew up in Elliot Lake and late father was once our Mayor. 


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