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Councillors and staff met with ball club reps

ELT has been informed that 3 councillors and the interim CAO met with 2 representatives of the youth ball club behind closed doors yesterday
Elliot Lake City Hall. Jan. 17, 2024

Last evening, ElliotLakeToday was informed that 3 councillors and the interim CAO met with 2 representatives of the youth ball club in a closed-door meeting yesterday.

It was the last business day before Monday's council meeting when the fate of the Kiwanis ball field could be determined.

Information supplied to ELT states that the club reps were informed that decisions to decommission the Kiwanis ball field were made in 2013 and 2017 and that Councillor Norman Mann recalled it, however no details or documentation was provided to the club reps.

Last night, ELT reached out to Acting Mayor Andrew Wannan, Councillors Norman Mann and Rick Bull, and interim CAO Rob deBortoli with a request for the council resolution numbers and copies of the minutes of those reported, past decisions.

The email inquiry also asks, “Would you also please advise if it is your understanding that the current council has no recourse whatsoever, except to be bound to those plans/decisions of 2013 and 2017?”

While waiting for a reply, ELT has located a reference to moving the ball park in an agenda package of June 26, 2017. A report from staff reads, "Work has been undertaken to determine a new location for the ball diamond currently located at the Kiwanis Park."

The reference to moving the ball diamond is contained in a report describing a planned RFP for a splash pad.

The splash pad was built and has been operational for about six years. Any need to move the ball field for it is no longer at issue.

ELT will keep Elliot Lakers informed as information becomes available.


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