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13 forest fires in the region are not under control yet

Parry Sound 33 grows to 10,139 hectares
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Thirteen of the 41 active forest fires in the region are not under control yet.

According to Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services (AFFES), five new fires started in the northeast region yesterday.

Four of the new fires are in the Sudbury sector, and Cochrane 23 is about 33 hectares and located about 136 kilometres southwest of Moosonee.

To help with the fires, there are 627 firefighters and support staff in the province. Support has been provided from across Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Parry Sound 33

The fire is now 10,139 hectares in size.

Fire behaviour was less active yesterday as high humidity levels and cloud cover aided in fire suppression.

The northeast portion of the fire closest to the Pickerel River was the most active part today. Winds from the southwest pushed some activity along the Pickerel, but it’s still holding south of the river.

The northeast corner of the fire is tucked along the west side of Little Canoe Channel. Ignition operations in that area were completed earlier this evening to tie the fire together and slow its progression down.

Structural protection continues. Additional protection occurred along the Key and French Rivers with sprinklers set up in noted priority zones.

Crews worked the perimeter of the fire by continuing hose line north and northwest of Key Harbour. Sixty firefighters were placed along the east side, south of the Key River to continue perimeter containment.

Even though the focus is on the northeast side, we continue to suppress and monitor all portions of the fire.

Winds are forecasted to be out of the north tomorrow. The fire is approximately five kilometres west of Highway 69 and less than one kilometre south of Pickerel River.

The Municipality of Killarney issued an evacuation order for residents in the areas of Travers, Allen, Struthers, Kilpatrick, Bigwood (including Hartley Bay Road), a portion of Mowat, the Unsurveyed Area, 14 Mile Island and French River Provincial Park. For information, call the municipality at 705-287-2424.

The Municipality of French River issued an Evacuation Alert for the Alban area, west of the high-powered hydro lines on Highway 64.

Lady Evelyn Fire

North Bay 72 covers 27,285.7 hectares. It is not yet under control.

There were a few smokes and hot spots observed again today.

Values protection equipment remains in place for camps and cottages located on Mendelssohn Lake and Skull Lake.

There is over 12 km of dozer guard along the northwest head of the fire, which was created using multiple pieces of heavy equipment.

There are over 200 front line forest firefighters assigned to this fire.

Smoke concerns

Smoke from large fires across the region will be visible until fire activity is reduced and weather patterns change.

AFFES is reminding the public that if they do see flames or smoke, please report it, and stay away from the area in the interest of public safety.

If you have questions or concerns about smoke and your health, please contact Tele Health Ontario at 1-866-797-0000.

Travel restrictions

Travel restrictions in the Parry Sound and Sudbury districts have been expanded in the vicinity of the Parry Sound 33 fire. Travel restrictions also remain in place for parts of North Bay, Kirkland Lake, Sudbury and Pembroke and districts due to forest fires.

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