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INSIDE THE VILLAGE: Steve Paikin talks politics, picket lines and pitching changes

This week on the podcast: We chat with the veteran journalist, author and longtime host of TVO’s The Agenda, who is now writing a column for The Trillium, Village Media’s news source at Queen’s Park

​Welcome back to Inside the Village, a current affairs podcast where all news is local — and no topic is off-limits.

On this week's episode: Welcome to the Village, Steve Paikin.

A prominent journalist, author and longtime anchor of TVO’s The Agenda, Paikin has joined Village Media's The Trillium as a weekly columnist during the ongoing labour dispute at Ontario’s public broadcaster.

You can read his first two columns HERE and HERE.

“One of the things I’ve missed during the work stoppage at TVO is writing my weekly column and then engaging with readers as they send me their comments and criticisms,” Paikin says. “I’d like to think that process of engagement makes us all a little smarter. So I very much appreciate The Trillium for giving me a place to weigh in on the big issues in our province. I’ve always enjoyed reading the site. Now, I’m happy to be contributing something to it as well.”

Appearing on the latest installment of Inside the Village, Paikin talks about the state of negotiations at TVO, the latest scandals at Queen's Park, and what readers of The Trillium can expect from him in the weeks to come. For good measure, we also talk some baseball. (Spoiler alert: Paikin is a diehard Red Sox fan.)

Launched earlier this year by Village Media, a leader in local journalism, The Trillium is a comprehensive news and information website devoted exclusively to insider coverage of the Ontario Legislature.

Passionate and plugged in, The Trillium delivers the major political headlines of the day while unpacking complex policy changes and digging deeper into key issues that impact every Ontarian. Our dogged journalists also keep a close watch on legislative debates, question period, public appointments, lobbying activity and regulatory proposals.

The Trillium is a subscription-based news service designed especially for Queen’s Park stakeholders, including public servants, political staffers, business leaders, lobbyists and strategists. But the site also features free content — including Paikin’s new weekly column.

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