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Committee seeks members to help enhance broadband access in the region

Huron North Community Economic Alliance has created a Broadband Advisory Committee
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If you can answer the following questions with a 'yes', this might be an opportunity for you.

  • Do you have a poor to non-existent broadband connection?  
  • Are you concerned that unreliable access to broadband for education, health care, family connections, and other important matters will leave you disenfranchised? 
  • Have you become frustrated with the big telecommunications companies and the empty promises by the Provincial and Federal Governments regarding broadband?

Those are the questions being asked of northern Ontario residents by a grassroots group looking for support from senior governments to improve internet service in the north.

"The United Nations has determined that access to broadband is a basic human right and the CRTC has declared broadband to be a basic service  Despite these declarations, many in the Huron North Area lack such access to broadband or have poor internet services – this must change!" says The Huron North Community Economic Alliance (HNCEA).

The HNCEA has created a Broadband Advisory Committee (BAC) to advise the HNCEA Board of Directors to pursue the needs, voids, and gaps regarding broadband in the region. The HNCEA has a working relationship with the Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre to seek their professional expertise. 

With that in mind, the HNCEA is recruiting up to 10 interested people from across the Huron North Area to participate in the BAC.

The Broadband Advisory Committee will provide advice to the HNCEA Board of Directors on ways to establish and/or enhance broadband initiatives or any relating infrastructure investment in the Huron North area.

The organization says it will build relationships with existing broadband providers such as Bell, Rogers, and Explornet to enhance and establish broadband connectivity for all sectors and residents in the Huron North Area.

It will share its findings and make recommendations to the HNCEA Board of Directors. If you want to be appointed to the BAC, submit your interest and qualifications by email to

Successful applicants will be appointed by the HNCEA Board of Directors.

There are no qualifications, but preference will be given to those who have a proven background or interest in information technology, telecommunications, finance, municipal and First Nation policy, economic development, or project management.

You can get more information by calling Chairperson Edith Orr, at 705-541-1886 or Chris Wray at 705-914-0551. 

The Huron North Community Economic Alliance (HNCEA) is a regional not-for-profit corporation working with First Nations communities and municipal members to support economic development initiatives along the north shore of Lake Huron.