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Mississauga First Nation now closed to non-residents

Exemptions include health officials, emergency personnel

As part of the coordinated response to protect our residents and to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus within the [region] Mississauga First Nation (MFN) has decided to temporarily close all residential areas of the community to non-residents. MFN Chief and Council uses the authority given not only by our members and by our inherent right to self-govern, but also our Misswezahging Constitution, MFN Land Code and our Community Protection Law. The following are exempt from this order:
    1.    Utility workers (Hydro One, Gas)
    2.    Service deliveries, contractors
    3.    MFN employees
    4.    Health officials and patients
    5.    Emergency personnel (police, fire, ambulance)
    6.    Nogdawindamin CFS
    7.    Designated helpers to households
    8.    Anyone with written permission

Anyone not part of this list will be charged with trespassing on Mississauga land. Signage will be posted at all entrances to Mississauga First Nation advising non-residents of their revocation of rights and invitation.

Specific invitation may be issued by the MFN Chief only in the best interests of the community. Invitations may be limited to a specific place, time, and length of visit. Anyone who is unclear about their ability to be on MFN land or would like to request an invitation can contact the Chief and Council Secretary, contact information below.

For more information, please contact:

MFN Members, contact:
COVID-19 Citizen’s Inquiry Line 705-261-0149

For invitation requests, contact:
Crystal Chiblow, C&C Secretary

External organizations, contact:
Michael Chiblow 705-356-1621, ext. 2260