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BEHIND THE SCENES: Why a local homeless man is asking for help to die

OrilliaMatters reporter Greg McGrath-Goudie talks about medical assistance in death (MAID) and how it relates to people who suffer from mental illness

Since becoming legal in Canada in 2016, medical assistance in death (MAID) has been reserved for the terminally ill as a merciful way to die. But what about people who suffer from mental illness?

As OrilliaMatters reported this week, a local man is asking to be approved for MAID because he is homeless, hopeless and sees no point in carrying on. 

"I really think this would be the best decision for me," said Tyler Dunlop. "I've researched it. This is an informed decision."

His request comes as the federal government continues to grapple with how best to provide medically assisted death to people whose sole medical condition is mental illness. Ottawa had hoped to have guidelines in place by March, but that process is now temporarily delayed.

OrilliaMatters reporter Greg McGrath-Goudie talks about the relevant issues on "Behind the Scenes," a Village Media feature that takes a deeper look at the stories we cover.

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