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BEHIND THE SCENES: Royal arrival eagerly anticipated in Newmarket

NewmarketToday reporter Elizebeth Keith takes us behind the scenes


The long-awaited arrival of a new Burger King in Newmarket has residents buzzing with excitement. Burger King Canada confirmed that the fast-food giant will open its doors at the new plaza on Harry Walker Parkway and Davis Drive by May 1.

Social media has been abuzz with anticipation since January, with residents eagerly awaiting updates on construction progress and speculating about opening dates. The announcement has sparked plenty of chatter, with some posts receiving over 100 excited comments.

The community is eagerly anticipating the arrival of the iconic Whopper sandwich, chicken fries, dill pickle nuggets, and other unique menu items. Local restaurant owner and Burger King fanatic Sam Saberi is thrilled about the new location and says that he will be a regular customer. Despite being a franchise, Saberi emphasizes the importance of supporting local businesses and is excited to welcome Burger King to the community.

Video Summary:

Burger King is set to open its doors on May 1st in a brand new plaza in Newmarket and reporter Elizabeth Keith from Newmarket Today provides the latest update on the community's excitement for the new addition. The plaza has been in the works for quite some time, and since January, people have been getting wind that Burger King will be one of the tenants moving into the space. The community has been very vocal on local Facebook groups, with many people expressing their excitement and nostalgia for the fast-food chain, which hasn't been in the area for several years, if not more than a decade.

The reporter noted that the Whopper is a significant draw for many people. According to one person interviewed for the story, Sam, the size of the meat and the addition of tomato makes the Whopper a favorite among other fast-food chains. The reporter also noted that the hype within the community has been astonishing, and since the rumors started flying, people have been doing their own investigations. It's mind-blowing to see how excited people are for the new Burger King.

The excitement surrounding the new Burger King in Newmarket seems to stem from a combination of nostalgia and a long-awaited return of a favorite fast-food chain. The community's vocalization of their excitement on local Facebook groups has created a buzz that has taken on a life of its own. With only a few weeks left until opening day, the community's anticipation for the new Burger King continues to grow.