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BEHIND THE SCENES: Peek inside the historic Laurentian president's home's Jenny Lamothe takes us behind the scenes

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Today's spotlight is on's Jenny Lamothe, whose story 'Peek inside the historic Laurentian president's home' was published on Feb. 26.

Here is the original story if you need to catch up:

A mix of potential buyers and more than a few looky-loos packed the Laurentian University president's house Feb. 25 during an open house in advance of its sale. 

The home is listed for $899,000.

Built in 1930, the house is not only expansive, but has hosted many big names, including former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, said Didi Martin, regional sales lead and sales representative for the listing agency, Unreserved. 

Chrétien’s late wife, Aline Chrétien, was Laurentian University’s first chancellor.

Other famous guests at the president’s house include authors, film stars and academic greats. 

The home’s original builder only stayed there for about five years, said Martin, before a man with “a huge family” moved in, and made use of the home's six bedrooms, six bathrooms, two fireplaces and spacious high-ceilinged living room filled with natural light. 

The home, though in need of repair, is filled with historic and vintage touches, and attention to detail you don’t often see in new builds. 

Laurentian’s board of governors made the decision to sell the property a year ago.

The university said earlier this month the process of the sale of the home was more complex than the average home. A request for proposal had to be issued to select a realtor, and various repairs were necessary to prepare the house for sale.

“We’re excited to see who is going to purchase this home and whether they are going to keep the integrity of the old charm or modernize it,” said Martin. “We’re not sure, but we’re excited to see who the buyer will be.”

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