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BEHIND THE SCENES: Newmarket single mom forced out of home due to financial struggles

NewmarketToday reporter Joseph Quigley takes us behind the scenes

Kristin Ham, a widowed mother of four, lost her job and then faced eviction from her home in Newmarket Heights neighborhood due to the landlord selling the property. The house was subsequently rented to new tenants for a higher amount of rent. Ham's story is just one of many that housing advocates in Newmarket and York Region are raising concern about. They are calling for stronger rent control between tenancies to combat the rising rental prices and "reno-victions" (evictions that allow landlords to carry out repair or renovation work).

Though rent control exists for tenants in properties, landlords are still able to charge higher rates when new tenants move in. Furthermore, the removal of rent control by the province for units created after Nov. 15, 2018, has made it difficult for low-income families to find affordable places to live. Housing advocates are working to raise awareness and push for more affordable rental units.
Landlords are also facing challenges, particularly small landlords who are not protected by laws and may be forced to leave the industry due to financial strain. Overall, the situation is difficult for both landlords and tenants, with delays at the Landlord and Tenant Board exacerbating the issues. There is a lack of affordable housing in the area, and homelessness is a growing problem.
Video Summary:

A recent story by Newmarket Today reporter, Joseph Quigley sheds light on the struggle of Kristen Ham, a single mother in Newmarket who was forced out of her home due to a rent spike from $1,500 to $2,500 per month. The rental market in Newmarket and York Region has been heavily impacted by the pandemic, with many struggling to make ends meet. Despite government support, job loss and evictions have become more common, leading to conflict within the housing market.

Housing advocates in Newmarket have raised concerns about unfair and dishonest evictions, particularly in the Newmarket Heights neighborhood. This area is known to be a less well-off neighborhood where people are being forced to leave their homes due to increasing rental rates or large entities buying up property and driving up the market. Authorities are focusing on providing legal advice to tenants and helping the community as a whole.

There is also concern around the removal of rent control, as landlords can potentially raise the rent to an exorbitant amount once a tenant leaves or is evicted due to renovation or another reason. This can lead to a lack of affordable rentals in the market and make it difficult for families like Kristen's to find suitable housing. While there are legal options available to tenants, navigating the system can be challenging, and there is limited recourse if rent is not paid.