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BEHIND THE SCENES: Big goals for Burlington Green

BurlingtonToday editor Brenda Jefferies takes us behind the scenes

Burlington Green, a local non-profit organization committed to protecting the environment, has moved into its new headquarters called the "eco hub" at the historic pumphouse on the Burlington Beach Strip. The group will be hosting a variety of community events, including the Big Beach Clean Up, to kick off their 2023 Clean Up to Green Up campaign, which aims to have 15,000 community cleanups to celebrate their 15th anniversary. Participants can sign up on their website to receive supplies and have their event pinned on an online map.

Burlington Green's new eco hub will also include an electric vehicle charging station, bike racks, and a bike repair cafe, as well as serve as a gathering space for environmental education and community events. The organization operates on a triple 'A' approach of awareness, action, and advocacy, with a focus on education, hands-on initiatives, and policy change.

The group has faced challenges during the pandemic, including a decrease in volunteers and funding, but continues to strive for financial and environmental sustainability. Through their "The Time Is Now" campaign, they hope to raise $300,000 over the next three years to continue their work of creating a cleaner, greener Burlington. To learn more about Burlington Green and their upcoming events, visit their website.

Video Summary:

Burlington Green, a Canadian environmental organization, recently celebrated its 15th anniversary and moved to a new location in the historic pumphouse on the Burlington Beach strip. This is the first permanent home for BurlingtonGreen, which previously operated from coworking spaces and the library. The group is thrilled with the new location, and the city is working closely with them to clean it up. BurlingtonGreen has previously rehabilitated the sand dunes along the beach and is familiar with the location.

The Big Beach Cleanup, part of the Clean Up to Green Up campaign, took place recently. This campaign is not new and has been running for at least 10 years, with over 121,000 cleanups in the community to date. Burlington Green aims to do 15,000 cleanups this year as part of the campaign. These cleanups include getting bundles of supplies and tipsheets from the organization and doing cleanups in their own communities.

Burlington Green's Time is Now campaign aims to raise $300,000 over the next three years, and the organization is accepting support in any form. People can go to the Burlington Green website for more information and to donate.