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Buckle up! OPP starts fall seat belt campaign

A driver can be charged and face a fine up to $240 and two demerit points for seat belt infractions
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The members of the East Algoma Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police will be on patrol for the Fall Seat Belt Campaign that will be running Oct. 2 to Oct. 11, 2019.

The OPP continues to educate the public on the importance of wearing a seat belt, following the speed limits, eliminating distractions, as well as adjusting driving to weather and road conditions.

Road fatalities that are related to the lack of an occupant restraint are highly preventable so even one death in this category of causal factors is one too many. A properly worn seat belt greatly increases your chances of surviving a motor vehicle collision. 

If one person decides not to wear a seatbelt, yourself and others in the vehicle are also at risk of serious injury. A seat belt keeps you inside the vehicle during a collision and without a seat belt, passengers become high-speed projectiles.  

A driver/passenger can be charged and face a fine totalling $240 and two demerit points for seat belt infractions. Drivers are legally responsible for ensuring that passengers under the age of 16 are buckled up in a seatbelt, or an appropriate child car seat or booster.

The Ministry of Transportation's (MTO) website has comprehensive information/videos about properly restraining your child and car seat installation. If you have any questions please go to Ministry of Transportation - Fast Your Seatbelt

"The proper use of seatbelts has been law in Ontario for the better part of fifty years -it's just common sense to use this simple and convenient piece of safety equipment. No other safety feature in your vehicle can replace the efficacy of a seat belt. Please make the right decision to get yourself and everyone else in your vehicle home safely - even one fatality is too many. " - Says East Algoma OPP Detachment Commander, Inspector Tyler Sturgeon.