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Zoning change means more storage

City council approved a report recommending converting a taxi yard to a self storage facility on Mississauga Ave. as its meeting this week
2019-04-25 Mississauga Ave Property BS
The current property at 57 Mississauga Ave. Brent Sleightholm for ElliotLakeToday

A Sudbury-based planning firm's report recommending conversion of a taxi yard at 57 Mississauga Ave. to a self storage facility got the blessing of Elliot Lake city council at its meeting Tuesday night. 

Council unanimously approved a zoning change for the property from "Neighbourhood Commercial (C3) Zone" to the "Neighbourhood Commercial Special Exemption 3 (C3-3) Zone" to permit a self storage facility at the site. 

Planners Anne Dorion and Sarah Vereault submitted a written report from J.L Richards & Associates Limited of Sudbury explaining that an economic demand for self-storage in Elliot Lake was the catalyst for the project.

Once completed, the newly renovated facility will allow for inside storage only. The site will be fronted by a landscape barrier running along the 150-foot lot line, and will not provide any outside storage. The building conversion on the property will involve renovation of the existing 3,574 sq. ft. building. Access to the property will be via two entrances onto Mississauga Avenue.

The planning report stated, "A self-storage facility at this location is considered appropriate from a traffic perspective as the subject property is on the eastern fringe of a residential area and is located on Mississauga Avenue which is designated as an urban collector road." The report continued, "It is therefore not anticipated that the proposed use will result in any new traffic impacts to the surrounding residential areas."

There will be five parking spaces at the site. The renovated inside storage building will be up to 30 feet high (10 metres) and provide 1,084 sq. ft. floor space. The proponent is R.G. Taxi Management of 5 Mary Walk in Elliot Lake.


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