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Pool fundraiser for Elijah Hennessey racks up some more donations (3 photos)

The money was raised for Elijah’s ongoing treatment at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto

A Saturday pool tournament brought in $1,009 for four-month-old Elijah Hennessey. 

The nine-ball tournament, organized by Elliot Lake couple Joanna and Darin Moggy, saw 25 teams battle it out on the pool tables at the Moose Lodge. The money raised for the youngster and his parents Jessie Hennessey and Tom Wallace will help offset the costs for Elijah’s ongoing treatment at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.

The donation will be added to some $30,000 already raised at a community-wide fundraiser held at the Collins Hall last weekend.

Elijah made an appearance at the pool tournament with his mother Jessie and grandmother Darla Hennessey who termed the fundraising efforts as “incredible”.

Darla Hennessey is well known as the city’s event coordinator and museum curator. In the coordinator’s capacity she takes care of organizing city-based events like the annual fishing derby. Her husband Howie is also another well-known volunteer at community events.

Joanna Moggy said the tournament was to help Elijah and his family as well to acknowledge the community with volunteers helping volunteers through difficult times.

“It was amazing, a great turnout. We loved that Darla, Jessie and Elijah dropped in and showed us the reason for it all,” Joanna told elliotlaketoday as pool players flocked around the family to offer their best wishes. “Feeling the love and support from everyone for this family was truly overwhelming.”

The total donation included $330 from the pool tournament itself, $350 from a coat raffle and sandwich sale by the lodge, $158 in jar donations, $141 from the sale of a wood-crafted cane donated by Richard Macksey and $30 from bracelets with “Our lil’ Warrior” embossed on them and sold by Liz Wretham.

Picking up first place in the tournament was Joanne Ralph and Jamie Fournier with second place going to Sharon Nichols and Emmett Jessome.


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