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Minimum wage jumps to $16.55 as of Oct. 1

The raise represents an 6.8-per-cent jump in the minimum amount Ontario workers must be paid
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Ontario's minimum wage climbs to $16.55 on Oct. 1. (Stock)

As of Oct. 1, Ontario’s minimum wage is climbing to $16.55 an hour, up more than a $1 from $15.50.

“Starting Sunday, Oct. 1, Ontario’s minimum wage will increase from $15.50 to $16.55 per hour, helping more than 900,000 hard-working men and women across our province earn more take-home pay for themselves and their families,” readers a statement from David Piccini, minister of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development.

The amount represents a 6.8-per-cent hike in the minimum wage, up more than a $1 from the last increase in October, 2022.

The province said at the upper end, the increase will put up to $2,200 more into workers’ pockets every year. 

Ontario now has the third highest minimum wage in the country, behind Yukon at $16.77 and British Columbia at $16.75. Saskatchewan has the lowest minimum wage in the country at $14.00.