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Meeting planned to discuss options to impede potential sale of city-owned golf course (update)

The meeting is being organized by David Brunet and will be used to put together a strategy to try to stop the City from making plans to sell Stone Ridge Golf Course
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Mt. Dufour Ski Area file photo


Even though a public meeting planned for next Tuesday night is being held in the chalet of Elliot Lake's Mt. Dufour Ski Hill, the organizer says the ski hill is not the topic of concern.

Forty year ski hill volunteer David Brunet said the meeting, set for 7 p.m. on March 8, has been called so concerned Elliot Lakers can put together a strategy to make sure City Hall and City Council stop making any plan to sell city-owned Stone Ridge Golf Course. 

Brunet insists the public meeting was not called to discuss anything to do with the ski hill. 

Like the golf course, the land the ski hill occupies is owned by the City of Elliot Lake.

At a meeting of the city's Economic Development Committee this past week, members decided to ask the full council to consider declaring the golf course as surplus and ordering an appraisal with the possibility of a sale, at its next meeting on March 14.

At the same committee meeting it was recommended that council also consider making an appraisal of Mt. Dufour Ski Hill. 

A not-for-profit corporation manages and operates the ski hill which is partially self-sustaining financially.

The corporation owns the chair lifts, equipment, facilities and infrastructure, including  buildings and structures.

Brunet said Mt. Dufour Ski Hill pays city property tax and generates about $250,000 per year through fees and donations.

He said the money is used to pay up to 16 staff people employed annually for the operation.

Much of the work that keeps Mt. Dufour going is contributed by a group of volunteers led by Mr. Brunet.

Brunet explained larger expenses such as the purchase of a new groomer for Mt. Dufour in 2019 for just under $400,000, and other larger costs, are referred to city hall.

Original story

There's a meeting planned for next week to plot a strategy to thwart possible plans to sell any of Elliot Lake's legacy recreation assets such as the golf course and the ski hill.

David Brunet, a 40-year volunteer at Mt. Dufour Ski Hill, has circulated a public invitation on social media for people to attend a meeting there on March 8.

The following is Brunet's full statement:

We are organizing a meeting for this Tuesday March 8, 2022 at 7 p.m. Location is Mt. Dufour Ski Area chalet. 

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss and strategize a plan to put a final stop to the process of selling off the Stone Ridge Golf Course or any other facilities that are owned by the City of Elliot Lake.  

City council is once again having a vote at their next council meeting whether to declare the golf course surplus and put it on the open market for sale. 

This council meeting is Monday Mar 14, 2022, so we have to act now.  

These city recreational assets belong to the community and not individually to the Mayor and Council. 

This is not their decision alone to make. This thinking at City Hall has to stop.   

Please join us on Tuesday March 8/2022. Thank you for your time.


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