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Mayor takes to social media to clear the air

Elliot Lake Mayor Dan Marchisella took to social media on Friday to clear the air after his father was approached and told that his son should resign from the position
2019-01-02 Mayor Dan Marchisella BS
Mayor Dan Marchisella. Brent Sleightholm for ElliotLakeToday

In a rare social media posting on Friday, Elliot Lake Mayor Dan Marchisella looked to counter the postings of others.

"Personal FYI: Just to dispel some of the rumors floating around town and 'The Buzz,'" Marchisella wrote. "Yes I own a Homestead/Hobby Farm North of town (which is a lot of work), NO, I have not moved out of town!

"Still here, still have a home in town, still own a business in town that employs Elliot Lakers, my kids still attend school here and Yes, I am still involved in city business, have never missed a council meeting, still answer emails and go to city hall, still help people when I can and still continue to do my best to make our community a better place for everyone," he continued. 

"No, I do not care what comes out of the negative bloggers on Facebook or any other social media, and 'no' Facebook is not the best place to send me a complaint or ideas. My city email is the best place for a response.

"That being said, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer regardless of COVID, I know I am, and I'll see you all eventually when life gets back to normal. Cheers!!!!!," Marchisella concluded.

When asked what prompted his post, the Mayor said someone approached his father about his political future.

"I have limited my time and comments on social media as of lately due to much negativity," Marchisella told ElliotLakeToday. "I try to keep a positive attitude and treat others respectfully along with trying to keep positive messaging during these rough times. 

"What prompted this message was not just the rumour being spread on social media but my father informed me that he has been approached several times recently about this including someone telling him that I should resign," the Mayor added.

"This is something I feel is uncalled for and once again am clearing the air. I am still dedicated to the well-being of our community and all of our people," he concluded.


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