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Mantha urges health minister not to combine social, paramedic services across northern municipalities

He says the restructuring would mean less staff, and ultimately impact service levels
Michael Mantha is pictured in this handout photo.

Dear Minister Elliott;

The ongoing cuts to health care funding and social services in this province has gone beyond unacceptable. The government is looking at restructuring the Algoma District Administration Board, which would mean the district communities’ would have less staff members and ultimately it would likely affect service levels.

The Algoma District Services Administration Board (ADSAB) delivers and provides oversight of vital social and paramedic services to the communities within its jurisdiction. These services play a crucial role in people’s lives and are a fundamental necessity to communities.

You may not be familiar with northern Ontario, but distant hospitals, harsh winters and bad roads are all factors that need to be taken into consideration. Some of these communities are over 100km from the nearest hospital thus meaning that it takes over one hour to seek medical attention. It will absolutely make a difference between life and death.

Reducing services is simply not the answer. Health care has to be a high priority function of our government. Health care is a right, not a privilege. Where you live and how much money you make should not affect your access to care.

Minister Elliott, I urge you on behalf of rural and small communities and my constituents, do not proceed with the amalgamation of the boards. Many municipal leaders shared their concerns with our office regarding the detrimental effects this would have. I hope you take heed to their voices on this urgent matter.


Michael Mantha
MPP/député, Algoma-Manitoulin