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Elliot Lake Emergency Food Bank vandalized

Eggs, milk and other food products were scattered throughout the main workspace, says food bank director
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East Algoma Ontario Provincial Police continues its investigation into a senseless weekend break-in at the Elliot Lake Emergency Food Bank. It has set back plans to help the city's population in need of support.

Elliot Lake Emergency Food Bank Director Len Kutchaw told ElliotLakeToday that, while the OPP continues its investigation, his volunteers are working hard to restore service.

"Unfortunately we had a break-in. I won’t go into too much detail as the OPP have an active investigation going on."

He added, "Food products such as eggs and milk were scattered throughout the main workspace. The office portion was ransacked and some damage was done to the computer. It is hard to tell if food product was stolen. It appears that there was more vandalism than theft."

"That being said, we had volunteers come in and clean up and were able to provide service to the community in the afternoon. We are currently looking at installing video surveillance equipment." 

The investigation into the break-in at the Elliot Lake Emergency Food Bank at 4 Charles Walk, continues.

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