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City may spend $70K tearing down derelict buildings

Former Knights of Columbus building could see the wrecking ball
2018-04-02 Elliot Lake City Hall KS-2
Elliot Lake City Hall file photo. Kris Svela for ElliotLakeToday

If Elliot Lake City Council approves next Monday night, the city will hire William Farquhar Trucking Limited to tear down and restore the sites at both 46 Ontario Ave. and 22 Philip Walk.

In his written report to Council, director of Public Works Daryl Halloch wrote, "In late fall 2018 the building known as 46 Ontario Ave. (former Knights of Columbus building more accurately facing Philip Walk than Ontario Avenue) was vested in the city’s name following failed tax sales under Municipal Tax Sales Act.

"In 2019, the interior was gutted to the studs and in December 2019 the City declared the property surplus and was preparing to sell the building to the Elliot Lake Emergency Food Bank.

"The deal never closed. An estimate of $100,000 would be needed to address the structural issues leaving the building still needing extensive interior renovations to make the space functional," Halloch continued.

"The immediate adjacent property at 22 Philip Walk (former Woodland Printers) was in tax arrears in a similar timeline. 22 Philip Walk is also in very poor condition requiring extensive renovations. A staircase was removed for public safety and the building has an order 'not to occupy' placed on it.

"Tenders closed on Thursday, November the 12th, 2020. The results are as follows (from lowest to highest); with a $25,000 contingency included in the price. 1. Wendell Farquhar Trucking Limited $70,575 + HST 2. Colin’s Haulage Inc. $ 113,200+ HST 3. Beamish Construction Inc. $156,850 + HST," Halloch concluded.

If Council approves next week, the $70,575 plus applicable taxes to Wendell Farguhar Trucking will be budgeted towards Elliot Lake's working funds reserve.

The cost includes a contingency of $25,000 for any possible work needing to be completed to adjacent buildings after the demolition.

The council meeting will be live streamed on the City of Elliot Lake website next Monday night at 7 p.m.

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