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Blind River will act on beach concerns

Concerns raised by residents of Blind River’s Sellers Beach will be dealt with by the Blind River council
sellers beach
When it rains, dirty slimy water collects in a depression between Sellers Park Beach the street. Kris Svela for ElliotLakeToday

At its meeting Monday evening, council received a request from a group of Lakeside Avenue residents about concerns they have with a stagnant water area adjacent to the beach.

“Sellers Park Beach is a beautiful sand beach in a warm shallow cove on Lake Huron. It is readily accessible to all community members, day cares, schools, marina visitors and tourists passing through town,” a resident petition said of concerns raised. “When it rains, dirty slimy water collects in a depression between the sand beach and access from the street making it difficult to walk through. When there is exceptional rain it becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes and is downright swampy.”

The petitioners had approached the Ministry of Natural Resources to inquire whether approval was required from the ministry and they were told any work on the beach was the responsibility of the town.

Town CAO-Clerk Katie Scott acknowledged that the town was responsible for work on the beach. She added money was expected to be in place to do something with the drop-off on the beach that results in water pooling.

Council left it up to Scott to discuss remedial work to correct the problem.


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