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Blind River Town Council greenlights staff study on vacant land

Interest in commercial properties along Causley Street prompts development corporation to quiz council on what's available

Increased interest in commercial lots along Blind River’s busy Causley Street corridor (Highway 17) has prompted the town’s development corporation board to ask council to provide an overall view of lots that are available for development.

The request came in a report from town CAO – Clerk Katie Scott at Monday evening’s regular council meeting.

“The Blind River Development Corporation (BRDC) has been receiving multiple inquiries from business developers for land availability along the Causley Street corridor,” she said in her report. “There are vacant lots along the corridor, however they are Brownfields that can; (a) not be sold due to environmental orders, or (b) are so costly for developers to rehabilitate the land it is not economical for them to consider.”

Scott told Elliot Lake Today earlier on Monday that her anticipated report to council about lots available will not include any environmental assessment.

The board is only request that council conduct a review of potential lands owned by the municipality and investigate the potential for divesting these lots for the purpose of business development in Blind River.

Scott is expected to compile a report and present it to council at a later date. The report is not expected to generate any further impact to the town budget.

Council approved the review.



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