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LETTER: Skip the lottery tickets for a few weeks, say Blind River business owners

To reduce in-store time, they recommend customers use the OLG app
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File photo. Jeff Turl/Village Media

ElliotLakeToday received the following letter from Blind River business owners Marty Mitchell of Mitchell Pharmacy and Jim Smith of Mic's Kwik Way regarding community safety during the COVID-19 crisis:

Thank you for your business!

We appreciate everyone’s support during the COVID-19 crisis and struggle with ways to continue to be there to support the community while keeping your family, and ours, safe.

With this in mind, we are asking the community to help by limiting the number of visits and time spent in our stores:
    •    Shop one time per week
    •    Only one member of your family
    •    Only buy the things you need this week
    •    Shop with a list
    •    Do not touch what you are not purchasing
    •    Eliminate purchases of non-essential items

Eliminate or reduce lottery in-store purchases:
    •    Skip lottery for a few weeks
    •    Use the OLG app to buy and check tickets at home
    •    Make only one purchase per week
    •    Play all draws at the same time
    •    Do not wait until the last day to buy tickets

And as always:
    •    Stay two meters (six feet) away from everyone
    •    Wash your hands
    •    Don’t touch your face
    •    Stay at home

Limited, quick visits will reduce the number of people you are exposed to and will ensure we protect the most vulnerable and most needed in our community.

Remember, COVID-19 is like glitter – once it’s on you, it goes everywhere you go, lands on everything you touch, and is very hard to get off.