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4the Love - message in a bottle service $5.99

4the Love is a message in a bottle service designed to send uplifting messages of positivity and love around the globe, with the soul mission of making the world a better place!

Starting @ $5.99 tax and shipping included you can surprise someone with a message in a bottle to make their day! You can opt to personalize the message yourself, send a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to make your card more exciting this year or send one of our gratitude bottles out in place of a thank you card!

We can all think if that special someone who is always there for us, or maybe just someone who could use a little boost from a surprise positive message arriving on their doorstep. Here is your quick and easy way to make someone’s day! Bringing smiles back to as many faces as possible amidst this pandemic. Aiming to make your random act of kindness and good deed of the day easier to fill!

Coming soon to an address near you.
We appreciate you!