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2 x Odoland Collapsible Campfire Grills $100.00

2 x Stainless Steel Grill Gate, 1 has the grill, 1 does not. All parts are with both except the grill on the second one as mentioned above.
Portable Camping Grill with Carrying Bag for Outdoor Backpacking, Hiking, & BBQ
MULTI-USAGE COLLAPSIBLE GRILL – The collapsible camping grill can be worked as campfire grill gate or camping fire pit. You can use it for open fire cooking, or at an adventure into the great outdoors. It’s great for any occasion. A welcomed addition to your hiking accessories, camping cookware, bushcraft gear, or emergency survival kits.

Measured 12.2"x12.2"x8.3"(LxWxH)when unfolded and 14"x7.8"x2"(LxWxH)when folded. With carrying bag, it's convenient storage and carrying.
Easy to Use - It contains 5 parts. You can easily set up or tear down it in less than 1 minute. $50

**Used a couple of times and loved it but bought a bigger one :)

MULTI FUEL- Wood, Gas Burner, Any Alcohol Burner, Fuel Tabs, Gel Fuels or Sterno cans can all be used. Options to accommodate any situation or preference.
BURN WOOD 3 WAYS- Side, top or pre-fuel, including the revolutionary Swedish Fire Torch Method (over an hour cook time with no fire management!)

**if more pics are needed please email me as they only accept one

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